How much of your neighbourhood would be destroyed in a day if it was tropical rainforest?

An estimated average of 10,595 hectares (26,182 acres) of primary tropical forest is destroyed globally every day. That's 441 hectares (1,090 acres) an hour.

But for most of us this happens on the far side of the world so we have trouble visualising it - and anyway, what does even a single hectare look like?

To make this problem more relatable, our map below shows you how much of your neighborhood would be lost in a day (outer circle) and an hour (inner circle) if it was tropical rainforest.

And this is just the tropical forests. Global Forest Review reports that we don't know how much is also being lost from primary forests in temperate regions - we just don't have the data.

How far would you have to walk or cycle to cover that area? 

Find out by taking the #mapmyforest challenge below. Walk, run or cycle across or around the area of your neighbourhood that would be lost and then challenge your friends to beat you.

Forests are destroyed not just for logging but to make way for industrial-scale agriculture, mining, oil and gas production. By living more sustainably, reducing our carbon footprints, reusing and recycling what we consume and using local renewable energy sources we reduce demand on this valuable natural resource.


#mapmyforest Challenge

Raise awareness of primary forest loss and promote a more sustainable lifestyle by taking the #mapmyforest challenge.

Use our app to see just how much of your neighbourhood is destroyed in an hour or a day.

Plan your route around or across it with your favourite route mapping app to truly understand how large an area is being destroyed.

Take a tree photo along the way.

Share screenshots your achievement on Instagram tagged #mapmyforest and @planet_a_printing, then challenge your friends to beat your effort.



And don't forget to take a reusable bottle of water with you.

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